You don’t have to love movies before you enjoy this amazing collection of the most anticipated movies this holiday. They are in no particular order and from all genres, let the pictures say the rest.



BATMAN vs SUPERMAN (Dawn of Justice)


Love superheroes movies? Then this continuation of Batman series merged with Man of Steal and introducing the Wonder woman will definitely be massive and full of action. Watch the trailer here.




Captain-America-Civil-War- 2.jpg

Since release of the trailer it has been the most talked about movie as it stars Captain America, Iron man, Black Panther, Falcon, The winter soldier, Black widow, Vision, War machine, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant-man, Crossbones and Spider-man. It’s just to good to be true. Trailer here.





Have you seen Facing the giants, Fireproof or Courageous? ( might have watched all three) then you need to go see this highly inspirational movie from the Kendrick brothers (creators of the above movies). It dissolves divorce, enhances faith and instructs the soul.


In cinemas already, See the Trailer here.

STAR WARS (The Force Awakens)


The Cinemas will be full to capacity all over the world as Star Wars makes its debut 2015 Movie “The Force awakens”. Even the official trailer alone has been viewed by over 71 million people. We can only wish it blows our mind as awaited. *in cinemas already


Dead pool.jpg

Have you seen X-men (Wolverine origin) where wolverine and a guy that just wouldn’t die having all the super powers combined had the last fight? (Siber tooth also joined the fight) then you should look forward as Ryan Reynolds (face of Green Lantern) combines Super hero flicks and awesome action with lots of gun/sword battle… watch the red band trailer and see for yourself.



ALLEGIANT (The Divergent Series)


This is the third installation of the divergent series, it might seem too early to be on tenterhooks for this movie but it’s definitely a movie to watch out for. Trailer here.



The movie that left our ribs cracking might not be among the top movies of the year but whoever has seen the first movie should definitely go see Ride along 2 when it comes out. The trill, comedy, conspiracy, romance and action is promised as seen in the released preview.



The concept of this movie is just awesome, an ex-convict escaped from prison, killed the judge in charge of his case and abducted a single mother (herself struggling with drug addiction) and her little girl at gunpoint. The two, with broken lives found a book “The Purpose Driven life” and… Watch the trailer



Now this is a movie with a lot of things to catch the eyes, remember the famous animation Jungle book? This is its movie of adventure. It is extremely promising from the studio that produced Pirate of the Caribbean and the director of Iron-man. Fingers crossed and legs tapping the floor. watch the preview

Kung-fu Panda 3



This movie opens the year 2016 in a very splendid way as Po (Panda) finds his real dad and lost family hidden away in a secret panda village. In this film Jack Black voices Po, Jackie Chan, Monkey and Angelina Jolie voices Tigress. We look forward as Panda teaches and fights kung-fu and the furious five kick butts…


 An explicit trailer was released you need to see it here.


Now you have seen my collection and am sure you have some movies in mind, why not type them in the comment box below or share this post with your friends/family that love movies…