Ever wondered why you find it difficult to set your mind on a decision then follow it to the finish? You write to-do lists that you don’t keep to or schedule events but you follow only half way? You are not alone and I am glad to inform you that although inspiration could start anything great but to sustain it you will need the following putative insights.

Love that thing

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Love what you do. Let me remind you, nothing can motivate you to do something more than your love for that thing. To love something is to be drawn to it, to think about it even in its absence, to find joy in it, to yearn for its knowledge in fact you will always come back to something you love because there is no curative as love.

Have you ever asked, what if I don’t love it but obligated to do it, a job or task, ask yourself why you started it in the first place and use that reason to stair up your resolution again.

Listen to motivation

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You cannot always be 100%motivated (no one can); you will always need some more to sustain’. No matter how much fuel you put into a car, it would slowly but surely get exhausted as soon as the car hits the road again. People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.. that’s why we recommend it daily (Zig Ziglar). Retain your motivation with music, books, motivational videos, talks or coaching (try to be your own coach). Apply immediately to actions (even as you are listening) what you learnt…you know, words empower action.

Spank yourself into discipline

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It’s always the truth we tell to ourselves that are most believed. You must instruct yourself to deny distractions and remember the bigger picture, to see the future you desire. Always paint the majesty and satisfaction you will get from completing that task to yourself. When you pile off the road pull yourself back on track, be intentional about it. The best any external source of discipline can do to you is to give you strength to do it yourself.

Act immediately

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I like it simply as Anthony Robbins said it, “It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know. Real and lasting motivation comes after actions not before. Convert that resolution or wish into actions and it will become tangible, driving all other senses to follow. Don’t just receive motivation, use it and it will enable your best to find expression. Every time you run thoughts in your mind on the next action don’t leave your body behind, make a move and hey, don’t permit any excuse!

Break it down a little

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Setting big goals can boost your initial motivation especially when you know the rewards you will get, however the magnitude of that goal can hit you so hard that you may not want to start. Therefore it is unwise to haste, running before leaping ensures height and stamina so when you come across professionals in your field decide not to be intimidated, but to learn from them. Listening to how their consistency and passion got them through will keep you stimulated. Give yourself to knowing the process not just the product and this will certainly increase your enthusiasm and help you feel better.

Ensure a Balance

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Don’t just go all in and forget everything else, your job, gym session, studies is just a part of your entire life. Scientist confirmed that having a tidy work or home environment increases productivity and reduces distraction. If you allow untidiness in your life like not paying attention to your health, family or faith, you will cheat yourself off the real meaning of life. Life is full of different systems working in synergy, the detriment of one will distress the other. Exempli gratia, a low score in a subject will affect the cumulative grade. Any suffering (unattended) part of your life will drain motivation from you. They are what you fall back on when (not if) life punches you, when you become stressed and too weak. Find a way to balance all you are, you will never lose motivation if you do.

Consume relative information

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Decision themselves are weak without suitable enlightenment, don’t just make a New Year resolution learn how to get it done. Besides saying you will read a new book also read book reviews to know which might answer your questions more accurately. Deciding to play an instrument is not entire, search the internet about it too. We fail when all we do is just talk about our decisions, we must go further to equip our mind about it and that’s the only way to empower our will.

Make it interesting


You will always need an enjoyable part of anything you do no matter how tedious, dull or sensitive they are. Some jobs may not allow mirth at all but taking a short break at intervals is fun to your brain as it reduces stress on the brain after hours of continuous use. Add background music, improvise, reward yourself, if you crave for, then sip a drink or munch something (just don’t get carried away) revive your spirit, and then go deeper into your work again.

Put up a Structure

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Inspiration is an emotional high, a feeling due to last only for the time it can be maintained. The only way to keep it is to structure it. Our emotions (e-motion) are like water that changes its temperature with the change in the temperature of the environment, in order to maintain same temperature we must have a structure that doesn’t allow variation. Keep a fixed time, or a fixed environment, it could be a particular room to always rehearse, study or plan. You could even transform any environment you find yourself to suit your needs, use apps on your phone or PC to remember and stay motivated. This will adjust your mind and kick start you again.

Rewards and Results

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The power of rewards and results will always multiply your motivation. In other to keep the motivation get results for your work. They will stand as evidence that you are valuable, stirring your deepest parts to move on and break more boundaries.

You are going to be the greatest you can be, don’t doubt it…



If I may ask, what do you do to stay motivated?