I couldn’t think straight. It was like the creatures were ready to strike me just like they did to Jonah. Wandering thoughts made my head heavy and my eyes swollen. I couldn’t figure it out if it was me or my background.

This is a real life story which I want people or individual to learn from and (probably) smile. You may presently be in it or may have already gotten over it like I have. You may not be aware of how things are with you or how you want to overcome it for it is a difficult task.

I came back home with it again. I knew I wasn’t dull; my dad was best in school and my mum was above average (or that range). What was wrong? I began to think of myself as dull and witless. Well, growing was something that wouldn’t stop, even the tallest man never stopped growing, you know.

Yea! I was not taught, neither was I properly trained. Don’t hold it against my parents though. They had busy jobs. One returned home regularly around 10pm and left 6am; the other had a shift-based job. For several weeks, I would not set eyes on them.

But I began to notice my highly functioning brain, when I began to outperform some of my friends. No surprise there; I practiced words on my own. Naturally, I am a listening type and I love to learn so I began by practicing to read road sign boards and when I got the pronunciations wrong, my dad would correct me. He could never understand why my results were outstandingly poor. He believed I was intelligent.

I really wanted to improve myself and  felt sad each time I dint correctly read the words on a signboard. My mind always wants to be busy. My brain grabs, unfolds and matches words and sentences easily despite seeming poor with multiplications, divisions and subtractions. Not that it is incapable of handling such arithmetic. It’s just reluctant and slow. No…lazy is the right word.

Sometimes I wish my dad could understand that it wasn’t my fault. He never, I mean never even picked up a pen and a book to teach me anything. All he did was shout. I have never seen any case whereby “there was a little boy, a genius who was never taught how to read or write but knows all there is to know”. If you have, please comment below.

I don’t remember being consistently taught. If I was, I know I would be better than this. I. Just. Know.

I could solve puzzles, I could tie my shoelaces into different styles at my little age even when my elder brother couldn’t, I could know what’s right and wrong by merly sensing with my mind (and not by parental counsel), I could fix wires, I could think fast when trouble came, I could calculate an object’s fall and rescue it before time ran out. These are all calculations I could make in split seconds. Still I was the best in outstanding failure (this time, I want to condemn myself to heaven). Laughs.

Here comes the gate! I encountered Christ and I began to see things unfold. I met with grace and I had zeal to press on. I read scriptures and downloaded sermons by great teachers on the internet. I learned and met with friends that saturated my personal atmosphere with grace.

This taught me to be diligent.

Guess the last argument on me…

My folks don’t want me to have a tablet phone, because they “want me to keep my virginity”. Bro DADDY and Aunty MUMMY; it’s not by your works, it’s only Christ that can do it.

Nevertheless, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They did their best to help me become successful even if it wasn’t usually the best method. They worked on me in their own way and I love them for that.

If you are facing something similar, I would like to drop you 3 steps that I made as initial progress. To ease your thinking on getting things done especially by yourself.

* Look around, search yourself. What are they complaining about you? Is there anything you are missing? In what area? Parental or Personal?… Once you figure that out. Good

*Make up your mind for Determination and Change. I bet my breath, it’s not gonna be easy.

*Be ready to listen and acknowledge who you make your mentor or Friend. Make sure its not gonna be a busy person(Actually every successful person is busy and your mentor can’t be otherwise).

If I came through despite all, so will you…