Junk seems to be everywhere…
I realised that life itself has tons of junkiness in it. Late night, when my tired body crawls into bed I realise that I have fed on more junks than an actual nourishing food all day. And whoops! I worry my head so much on how it happened.

With all the strenuous and dutiful hours I spend every day doing things for duty sake, I still miss out on feeding my actual passion. My heart beat skips seconds at the thought of how lean my heart of purpose had become.

I remember days I jumped out of my bed, grabbed a bottle of water, slipped into my sports wear, hung a towel around my neck, whistling and hastily head to the gym of perfect fittings. Those days I was certain of massive weight shedding of all ingested and unnecessary junks.

Why so many junks

It’s quite funny how we begin with a healthy diet timetable, abstaining from all filthiness,  promising to stay true to our determinations and desires. In a wink, distraction sets in and we find ourselves crashing out of the right course of passion and fulfilment countless times.

Just like a man that looks in the mirror smiling to an admiration of himself and the moment he turns away from the mirror, his suffers memory of who he is.

In other words, he goes about his day eating anything including things that wouldn’t compliment who he is supposed to be. Maybe it’s the memory of himself that he lost or his lack of self-control to refuse trash, unwanted necessities, popular lies, passion crashers and blind vision.

Lose some weight

Stay true to your passion. Feed your true call. If you haven’t discovered what it is, make it a priority to have a single eye view, don’t lose your direction to the crowd forgetting who you should be.

Perhaps you might have lost your groove just like me, with no centripetal force to pull you back to your deepest part to things that matters. You have suddenly become a prey to every wind of activity. Abandoning all you had acquired prior, sublimed with everything else except your real self…

You need to take refuge in that undefiled and faint idea that you unceasingly long to see and cherish.
You need to stay away from junks, will you?

Start now

Now I don’t mean you shouldn’t make money or lack friends either but your true fragrances are blunt because it has been flogged by external waste and devotions and thanks to that, the economy, circumstances, and unbearable situations had won you over.

In order to quit eating your junks, you must take a stand to do YOU refusing to give in to your appetite for junks.

Stop seeking people’s opinion already. It was never about anyone but you in the first place. You deserve to express every greatness whatsoever. Constrain your attention to learning and protect only those things that your heart craves for.

Finish every module you have to ingest. Suck up all the woes, insult and embarrassment it would entail.
You would be impressed with yourself when you begin to gain muscle and occupy more space in strength and stability than you could ever have imagined.

The stage is set. No more junks.