What does a child do when you take away his favorite toy? He cries. What does an adult do when life hits him hard? He complains. I believe complaining is only a natural response to things not going the way we desire them to. At that time, our hearts cries to master situations and circumstances (MSc). Beginning with a little child to the mighty king complaining is inevitable, but variable. A child, in this case, is helpless but the King can actually effect some desired changes. As you read further, the following acumen will give you enough authority to take control.

Be proactive


To fly from complaints into possibilities, you need to know that victory doesn’t happen by chance. They never do. Maybe you should examine the biography of Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, E.A Adeboye, or best of all Jesus Christ. You will realize that these legends affected the world by working out all the changes. Most never bothered about the entire World till they died. They just wanted to fix the quota they found themselves. Instead of complaining about what they saw, they acted, inspired, prayed, loved and sacrificed till what others complained about bowed rather to them. Effect those changes you want to see and authority over them will be granted you.

Take the Challenge


Many of us don’t like confrontation and challenges. Actually “the breakfast of champions are not cereals but challenges”. Are you still complaining about that person’s refusal to change? why not challenge yourself to change first and it will become a piece of cake to transmute them. Lemme rephrase it as John Maxwell did in his book “Developing the Leader within you”. He said: “To keep changing is to keep leading, your power to change others lies in how much you have changed yourself”. Start modifying every situation of complaints into a challenge to change. They are opportunities presented before you, don’t look for a new chance to do great things. Try to take on those things that bother you…

Don’t bother



Should I be saying this? Yes! Why? It’s the truth. Like it or not some things are just out of your reach. If you doubt that then try to control the weather (you wouldn’t even think of it would you?). According to Lifehacker.com, “emotionally stable” people don’t bother themselves over what they can’t control e.g traffic jams. And what do successful leaders do? They know exactly what to overlook, that is, they have priorities. Practicing this insight will help you focus your valuable resources into things of much more importance and also help you live long, (yeah).

Control Yourself


Take control over your own emotional responses such as anger, personal bias, perspectives, critical outlook and so on. Sometimes those people (or circumstances) can’t just change. That’s just what they are! You need to accept them and adjust yourself. Bottom line, don’t let them get to you, make you feel less, weak or depressed. If you can’t do something about it, then it’s not your problem. The most important way to do this is to grow in love. The more you grow in love, the less you complain. Keep growing into more maturity, educate your mind to understand others and accept them. It’s only the peace you have that you can give.

Be thankful and don’t judge


A saw a quote in a book that has never left me since. It says, “Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things already worked out”. Selah (pause and think). There is usually no perfect circumstance, condition or person. Whatever already happened, why not make the best of it and be thankful to God, for life and to people, for love. A funny African proverb says “A happy man marries the woman he loves, a happier man loves the woman he married”. Love and appreciate what you have this is a true path to freedom and happiness.


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