If you want to stop anything from occurring in your life, stop it from occurring in your time (Rev WARD) and here is how to do that

I had gone into biographies, inspirational quotes, blogs, books (and other mind power things) in search of a way to hack through life and juice out greatness. I found this and thought to share, it is powerful enough to liberate you…

To get anything out of your life, you need to:

Stop hugging it 

You cannot stop doing what you love doing

Love is a strong bond. No matter the distance, differences or disappointment that comes from what you Love, you still go right back to it. Remember that person you used to love, could you stop yourself from looking for excuses to be close to them? Or did you not catch yourself tracking their movement? (from experience). When you love something you can’t stop yourself from doing it. There are deep desires of pleasure and fulfillment locked up in our hearts for those unwanted addictions, habits or even friends. It might be the confidence they emit (friends), the satisfaction they promise (addictions), or the ease it takes to do them (habits). You need to stop loving it. How? Reduce your contact with them, replace that activity with a beneficial one. Chiefly make up your mind about it.

Stop swallowing it

You cannot stop what you still feed

If you place a flower in an unconducive environment like “a desert”, water it and manure it every day, will it grow? Is it obvious right? It definitely will. Change from saying “I have been trying to stop myself from doing this or that” rather start saying “I will stop feeding this or that”. If you feed those wrong desires, they will grow, until they become beyond your control. So go fasting. Deny yourself of that thing, that thought, those videos or songs, those friends. They contain nutrients for your bad habits. This is actually not an easy thing but replacing their space on your phone, laptop or shelf with positive things will wither their strength over you.

Stop minding it

You cannot stop doing what you haven’t stop thinking

Our mind often becomes busy with activities, plans, ideas… This is normal, what else will we use that much brain power to do if not to storm through challenges. But when our thoughts become corrupted with the unwanted then we become stunted (that rhymes). You ARE your thoughts. Let me paint it this way: If you want to change the direction of a programmed vehicle from its initial Northeast to Southwest by forcing the stirring, it won’t oblige, the vehicle will keep wheeling itself back to the programmed direction(with bruised hands of course). So what do you do? You change the program, why? The answer was given by Chris Delvan who said: “Authentic change begins in the heart”. Replacing old thoughts with more powerful & inspiring ones will produce new actions. An example of such thoughts: NOTHING CAN STOP ME! (That’s mine)

Stop timing it

You cannot stop in your life what you haven’t stopped in your seconds

Our life comprises of what we do with our time, I even believe that why it’s called “life-time”. What we permit in our time, we welcome to our life. The seconds are obviously the smallest unit of time so if you can kill the habits per sec you kill it from your life. Reduce how much time you dedicate to those things or people you don’t want and it will become easier to completely eradicate them.

Stop living it.

You only live once, learn to say no

I would like to  paint it like this:

What you see, you imitate

What you constantly desire affect your decisions

What you taste you never forget.

What you feed on, you grow on and into

What you become, you should also expect to receive from others

If you want to arrest anything in your life, start at these nodal points. For example, don’t taste an habit you don’t want to grow with. Don’t even START!

 Stop hiding it

You can’t control what has enslaved you

Sometimes we might not have enough strength to fight our demons off so I deeply recommend that such issues should be shared. A popular adage says, “If you don’t know what to do, you should know who to run to”. It’s always good to share our problems(with whom also matters). Seek true liberation through your Faith. This is actually very proper as nothing frees a man more than a spiritual act of Worship and Hope. It gives you freedom to express even your deepest woes.

My Conclusion…

If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot harm us, this erudition will help us kill unwanted seeds in us. As we kill them gradually their hold over us crumbles.


Why not share your story or the method you use in the box below, I would like to hear from you…