If you are into any business, building any talent or sharpening any skill, there are several things that customers, talent scouts, producers and investors look for. In our generation of so many talented and empowered people, you will need this knowledge to stand out and be sought after. The human physic has been programmed to respond to any person or product that applies the following principles. Read through and decide to apply each of them as much as you can. You will thank me later!

1. Beauty


Beauty is a quality that is pleasuring to the senses or mind. It is synonymous with attractive (pleasant to look at). In our everyday life, appearance really matters. For example, the way one dresses speaks a lot about a person’s personality. One of the things the human brain cannot resist is a good-looking person. This is why companies spend millions on beautiful models and product designs. Beauty is creative in the sense that it involves using skill and imagination to produce something appealing. Make your work beautiful, be creative.

2. Emotions


Be funny,  put your heart in your mouth. Emotions for example jokes are brief conscious experiences characterized by brief mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or even displeasure. Emotions are psychological and physical. Just make people happy, make them forget their problems worries and logic. They will spend their life for you. Remember how people spend at parties? Emotions make people connect with your product. Be funny and they will love you!

3. Quality


Quality is the superiority of a thing. Quality is a subjective attribute because different people understand it differently. For example, an item of quality has the ability to perform satisfactorily in its service and it is suitable for the purpose intended. Quality is functionality, durability and effectiveness. Don’t you just love a product that does what it should? A footballer that scores goals or an artist that paints beautifully. Quality has a charm that can’t be resisted.

4. Excellence


Excellence is the quality or perfection of a task carried out. Excellence is not just a virtue of “melancholic”, “the perfectionist”. In the business world, for example, excellence is key. A company may or may not do well because of certain factors, but it will crumble without excellence.

Excellence is achieved by what the Japanese call “kaizen”-a law of continuous improvement. Continue to improve because No one can resist “excellence”. It is compelling and surpasses ordinary standards.

5. Experience and Expertise


If you are loaded, you will be needed. If you have experience, you have been verified through careful observation and measurement over time. You are no joke! Experience is synonymous with truth. You are incontestable. As a sales person, business inclined individuals or as persons with something to sell – whether talents, inventions or products, you sell your reliability and consistency. That’s what people will recommend to others.

6. Neatness


I remember then in primary school, my teacher usually awarded marks especially essays for neat work so, to get about five (5) marks, we try as much as possible to compose and organise our writings. Neat work comprises of well-ordered, carefully arranged words that are simple but clever (intelligent). When a person or a piece of writing is neat, it commands attention. A fruits stall that is well organised receives more customers than a scattered one. So always produce a neat work.

7. Concise


Words can be brief yet include all-important information and still have the same or even a greater effect on a person. Someone once said to me that when delivering a speech, people give you their undivided attention for about ten (10) minutes. If a speech is too long, it takes a great deal of energy from the person delivering the speech to capture the audience. In getting people’s attention, important facts should be used not presuppositions. That’s why organizations use mottos. Concise words that explain lots!

8. Relationships


Humans are social in nature; we are interpersonal beings. Relationship is our very make up. Sustained relationships go a long way. Relationships are formed in the context of social, cultural and other influences. Maintain a relationship with your costumers. They might not use your product as much but will recommend you at all times to others. As John Maxwell will say, get their hearts and they will give you their hands.

9. Well wishes and Compliments


Appreciation goes a long way in encouraging people. Heartfelt prayers or well wishes with sincerity make a person lit up. In reality, the quality of ones life is dependent on the quality of the words one has been exposed to. Be emotionally intelligent when selling out to people. Their hearts will open up to you when you smile or speak softly.

10. Gifts


This can’t be left out. Gifts could be something to encourage, appreciate, and also, to make friends. The notation of ‘when you give out something, you lose it’ isn’t true. Even if it leaves your hand, it doesn’t leave your life. People will buy more when you do promotions. They will listen to your music more when you put it out free. They will ask for more of your services when you give discounts!

Now that you know, go unleash!