Despite my fears,
Disregarding all the facts I already knew,
Against advice from folks under the same roof,
I went out with him,
He got me a flower from the ocean,
and they touched where I am most vulnerable
And then like a sprinter, my heart began to pace and rubble.


I was obsessed with greed,
Though I searched for a cure for my need,
Crook, I searched beneath my breath,
For an elucidated love.


Tomi hooked me up with a Dave,
“Hop into my ride” were the words he said,
Which vibrated in my ears like a capacitor,
He was smart and breathtaking,
He was gentle but outspoken,
He was not a comfort but strength for me,
His affirmative skills were stellar,
And my beauties, they highlighted


I sketch him in my dreams,
I Pamper his wet pecks on my cheeks,
He loves me,
He had often told me,
Before he leaves I pay him a visit,
Before he sleeps I chorus my horrible oral poems,
I won’t forget the scriptures when he was weak.


But I was blinded by what I felt for him -love,
He had sickle cell anemia,
I thought I could stand by him,
Until I began to love him but out of pity,
My power dropped a bridge too far.


Often to the clinic, he was rushed,
His gaze leaves my orals stammering,
My ear fluid tilted,
I was unstable,
I missed lectures and seminars,
I sit with his hands on my forehead,
Until I slept off.


His epidermis gradually went cold,
Staring at him with a sense of unbelief,
He passed away right under the gaze of the doctors,
His eyes were at my angle,
His face and mine were locked up,
I wept in surprise,
He isn’t gone is he?
While my heart caved in.


I walked through my tears.
Tomi esteemed me,
She gave me a piece of advice,
To forget about him.


A charm Lover I was,

But a friend that was weak,

For I barely remember him in my memories…