I was there for nine months.
I wondered what life would be for me.
Still in her, I could hear the world.
Some wished me well.
Some wanted me dead.
I got scared
In my semi-life state,
I got confused and torn.
I wanted death.
I would have taken my life.
But my hands were too small to wield a gun.
Days came by and I had to come to pass.

I knew I had to be born.
I knew I had a life.
Still on the table of events,
People had to see me have a life………..

Down on earth…
I was named, I was raised.
I was a patient man as they would discover…
I had no perfect color.
I was different.

Getting to know anyone, a warfare.
I was told about gravity
I had to memorize a lot.
I made friends
Few enemies weren’t left out.
Some called me weird,
Another called me a shadow….
My family gave me love…
I gave my attention in return.

Years flew by
I grew bigger and stronger
Still I loved elementary things.
I chased rainbows on my own.

Still with the lonely life I was building,
I had passion for thinking.
I thought of life.
I saw the devil in series….
Brighter days came in due time.

I had perceived life to be one sided.
Until my eyes were opened to see something I existed along with…
I saw love…
But this love I had, was seen while my eyes were closed.
For it was in the dream land…

I wished I didn’t wake up to see the old world.
I hope I would sleep through time n tide the coming night…
But to the good of nature.
Reality had to be
Though nature isn’t crescent
It doesn’t grow alone

I looked around as I awoke.
I noticed everything looked bigger.
Could this be an effect of love.
I tried to talk,
But the words were tears of a new born…..
I tried to stand
I realized I couldn’t.
I tried to think …
But my head was too small to…
In quietness, I noticed I was wrapped in a towel…
I realized I was just been born…
Dejavu instilled fear on my tender heart…

Could I have been dreaming in her womb….
About a life I once lived.
Will I have to live over again
Would I wait for years to express my feelings to the love I had….
Though we’ve never met
All I’ll hope will remain.
Nature kept you feeling the same about me in her womb elsewhere….
Dear unknown
I’ll b there to find you in no time.