Dr. Tim Lahaye, of blessed memories, taught extensively on the subject of the temperaments: The Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic, with their different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

He educates that temperaments are responsible for why you act the way you do. The weaknesses attached to each temperament have made several people rue over their temperament and sometimes wish they could change their change it. This piece, however, aims at giving you some reasons to appreciate your temperament.

1. God Emits Joy and Hope Like The Sparky Sanguine.


The Sanguine is referred to as “Sparky“; he is warm, buoyant, lively and receptive by nature.

He can enjoy himself and pass on his fun-loving spirit to others around him. Sparky sanguine is joy personified and that gives a striking fact about God. Joy is identified as a basic characteristic of His person. The expression of His kingdom culminates into Joy. So God definitely has an inheritance in the Sanguine!

The Sanguine is also a very hopeful person; a big dreamer who loves to enjoy. He believes that the next day or moment would be better than the previous one and thus has a very forgiving spirit. God has a big hope of saving the whole of humanity; hence, He forgave them before hand, what a hope! So Mr. Sanguine, be encouraged, God made you.

2. God is Independent and Result-oriented Like the Rocky Choleric

The Choleric is fondly called “Rocky“, he is hot, quick, active, practical, strong-willed, self-sufficient and very independent; he is just firm!

This reflects the personality of God. God stands sure. He is a stone, a rock of offence, the chief cornerstone; he is firm and sure, highly dependable. So the Choleric certainly reminds God of himself.

The Choleric is also a very productive person; he thrives on activity and can produce results in spite of the difficulty around him, they do not discourage him but rather motivate him to work. He is capable of completing projects and even motivate others to work. Remember, God also completed his projects in record time, so the choleric portrays God in his own measure.

3. God is Creative  and Sacrificial like the Maestro Melancholy

The Melancholy is basically known for his perfectionist tendencies. He is analytical, very calculated and precise.

God himself is a perfect being. He gave man an injunction to be perfect as he is perfect and that must be where the Melancholy derives his traits from.

Mr. Melancholy is termed Martin, and that sounds like the name given to a brilliant boy. Yes, Melancholies are very intelligent with very high IQs. Most of the world geniuses are Melancholies. They are very gifted and derive great joy from arts. Now, don’t you think God is a fantastic artist? Don’t you see theexcellent brilliance in his handiwork? He made everything so beautiful!

The Melancholy is also a self-sacrificing and faithful person, of course, that is purely divine! God gave his only begotten son for humanity, the son in correspondence also gave himself, oh what a sacrifice! No one is more faithful than the maker; he called us friends when we were even okay as servants. Oh what a Melancholy he is!

4. God is Calm and Kind like the Filp Phlegmatic

The Phlegmatic is Called Philip; he is calm, easygoing, a never-get-upset individual, he is just a peaceful being. He is so calm and unruffled that he almost never gets agitated.

That tells me about God. Of all the troubles going on in the world, he still sits upon the circles of the earth, cool, calm and collected as the Prince of Peace. He is very patient and almost never wants to reveal his wrath, he wants no one to partake of it, but unfortunately some will.

The Phlegmatic is also a very kind-hearted and sympathetic person. We caught Jesus weeping over the death of his friend Lazarus; he was always moved by compassion to heal people, he is just kind hearted. His essential quality is love; love is kind, and that just suggests that Philip is probably one of God’s names. Lol

Itis therefore evident from the preceding that every of these temperaments reflect something in God. Assuredly, all things, including humanity, are and were created for his pleasure. The whole of creation speaks of the Him. 

It is therefore expedient for you to see yourself  the way God sees you. If God could believe the best concerning you, who are you to perceive yourself otherwise? Identify your strengths and let them inspire you beyond your weaknesses.

If you stay with your weaknesses, you will live a defeated life and never get to enjoy your abilities. So instead of killing yourself over your weaknesses, why not focus on your strengths and confront your weaknesses from the standpoint of victory.

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