Challenges are everywhere and at every point in human history but how we respond to them is what makes the difference. If you find yourself in a low state, you’re not necessarily special; you’re only being normal and responding to the tides of life.

You may choose to sit back in self-pity and wonder what sort of calamity has befallen you. But if you’re daring and willing to step out of normalcy, then this piece is for you!

1. Keep Your Hope Alive

During the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was asked how he managed to be always so optimistic that it would one day end, he replied, “it’s because I’m a prisoner of hope!” What a statement! So here’s your lesson, no matter what you’re going through, never loose hope.

Hope is the very ingredient of life. Everything here exists by function of hope, from education to sports, religion, career, you name it, they all have a hope which is painted in classrooms, worship centres, workplaces or drawing boards as the case may be. People then give all it takes, even their lives, to achieve what has been painted. That’s what hope can do! So look around you, everything is kept by hope so you’ve got to keep yours alive. You are better off dead than being without hope!

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2. Never Let Your Challenges Condemn You

Since things naturally head downwards, then you have to intentionally bring them up. Sometimes ago, the law of gravity bedeviled the aviation industry, well, it actually made it an impossible feat. Had humanity stayed low, maybe only witches and wizards would have been able to fly. So you have to get up and add substance to your hope.

Every man that has lived a successful life had to get up and make a way out of the predicament of his days and yours should not be different. Never conclude or condemn yourself to your prevailing circumstances. No!!! Never!!! A dear brother once said,

“Even if the whole world writes you off, never write yourself off, you have one vote, make it count!”.

3. Take a Stand and Dare Your Challenges


Then you’ve got to dare! I said to myself lately, “Boy, you’re left with two options: dare or die! One thing a mountain constantly does is to intimidate but there are people called mountain climbers; that’s who you should be. It certainly won’t bow easily to you so you have to insist. Then insist consistently. Bruce Lee once said,

“I don’t mind a man who has practiced hundred kicks once, I fear him who has practiced one kick a hundred times”.

I guess you caught that?

Whilst you push, it is important for you to know that there is a solution for every difficulty you encounter; that’s a very vital lesson learned from mathematics. Like the fish, one of the signs that you’re alive is if swim against the tides. If you find a fish being carried by water, then it is dead!

4. Be Friends With Great Minds.

Finally, stay around great people and greatness would naturally rub off on you. Your friends will determine the trend, bend and end of your life. It’s never too early to start practicing greatness my dear great friend, neither is it too late.

You are made for the heights, guard up your loins, flap your wings and fly, there’s no stopping you now!

Set out like a predator that has sighted its prey and goes all out for it with full assurance of conquest, tearing down every obstacle the way and eventually returning home with full meal!