You, I treasured and valued, 

Me, you tortured and abused,

For your love,
I laboured dawn to dawn,
Only to earn a life,
I couldn’t spend.

You drained me
Drop by drop,
Till I was full of you,
Flowing in my veins,
You ruled me with reins,
A fool for you
I became.

Not until I,
battered and broken…
wandering and still lost within.
Did I behold
The unimaginable.
Me and what I could do
It lit my eyes
And I wept.

Back to my Creator’s
Open arms,
Where i found healing
For my ill and weak self,
And repair for my broken heart.
Not sure of where to start,
But I know I despised you.

I quit,
I quit.
Now I’m self-employed.
Working round the clock,
Finding pieces,
I never knew existed,
And I’m healing.

Discovering the new me,
And sticking to pieces,
Of pictures I believed in.
I smile.

With better days ahead,
I smile.
I laugh.
Because you taught,
And I learnt.
I can survive
Without you.

I spill bad blood
Just to let you know
I regret
Every dime of time
I spent
In your shadow.