(Musa, a fresh graduate, still in search of a job, is found talking with his friends about his terrible issues of oppression and abuse by his father.) 

Musa: I am tired of everything especially the frustration from my father. I don’t know where to run to! I have no family member except in my town. My father gives me a lot of headaches which I can’t bear anymore. I think I have to do something about it.

Ayo: C’mon keep quiet! Do you know how many times you have complained to me that you are tired? Didn’t I tell you to leave his house and look for somewhere? Did you ever budge?

Musa: I’m afraid! I don’t wanna suffer. Moreover, there is no assurance that if I leave, I would get a place of abode. I don’t wanna be a miscreant or wanderer on the streets.

Ayo: I pity you! Those guys on the streets struggling to survive, do they know anybody there? Yet they live a better life than you that still resides with your father? I could not believe it when I found out your father does measure your portion of food everyday. Wawu! I really pity you!

Musa: Alright I will think about it. I need to leave that house as soon as possible o.  (soliloquizing)

(That same night at Musa’s place. His father ranting over his disgust of Musa’s many mistakes and unemployment) 

Musa’s father: Allah will punish you! You shall not succeed! Idiot! Despite everything I did to see that you become a graduate! Hardly do people of Kaduna go to secondary schools let alone universities. Amongst your mate in this community, whose father can do what I have done for you! I sent you to school! Bought you laptop! Paid your school fees! Funny enough, you used the school fees I gave you to sponsor an illiterate lady into a tailoring firm.

Musa’s mother: Daddy, it’s okay! Learn how to forgive and forget. Issues of 20 years ago, you will make it look as if, it happened now! He is your son, you just have to forgive him and encourage him rather than casting spells on him.

Musa’s father: I am highly disappointed in you! Is that what you were supposed to say? Ehn Ehn! So you are supporting him, right?

Musa’s mother: Noooo! But….

Musa’s father: Shut up! Useless woman! You spoilt him! You have turned him against me! And I will deal with the both of you!

Musa’s mother: Stop casting spells. You are a cleric. Moreso, an Islamic scholar for that matter, What you need do, is to pray for him.

Musa’s father: Allah forbid it that I pray for this bastard! Moreover, he is grown enough to live outside my house.

Musa’s mother: But he just graduated. Moreover, he has not gotten a job, let alone renting an apartment for himself.

Musa’s father: Defence Minister! Well done! If he doesn’t wanna leave, I will frustrate him until he lives my house!

(Musa on his knees with a totally broken spirit)

Musa: Father! Please, forgive me, sir! I beg you in the name of Allah, please forgive me sir! I will change sir! If you chase me away, I have no place to go! I don’t wanna suffer or become worthless in life!

Musa’s father: If you die, do you think I will cry? May Allah strike me if I mourn over your death. The money I will spend forever is there in my account. If you like succeed, it’s none of my business. Get out of my sight!

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( The next morning,  Musa is back in his friend Femi’s place, with Vincent and Ayo trying to encourage his damaged self esteem)   

Musa: Guys, (Femi & Vincent) I am confused! I can’t bear it anymore. I have apologized for what I didn’t do,yet things are aggravating daily! That house is too hot for me. I can’t even sleep peacefully at night.

Ayo & Vincent: Why can’t you sleep conveniently at night? (they asked simultaneously)

Musa: My dad could attack me with koboko or rod when I am deeply asleep.

Vincent: You and this your dad issue is becoming too much. Funny enough, people in the community knows your dad beat you and treat you like a slave.

Ayo: Guy, (turned to Vincent) I have told him what to do, but he’s full of fear and afraid to take a step!

Vincent: What step is that?

Ayo: He should leave is father’s house and hustle for himself. Or else, he won’t escape from his father’s snare.

Vincent:  I have actually thought of that too! But I don’t want it to look as if I am encouraging him to leave his father’s house!

Musa: That is my fear guys! How would I survive if I live? No job, no money, and no food. Who will feed me?

Vincent: God will do it! The Allah you serve shall not fail you. When will you not leave his house? Anyways, if you still wanna stay, I wish you good luck!

Ayo: Whenever you are ready, let me know. I will help you with my house outside the community.

Musa: I will think about it deeply before I decide!

Ayo & Vincent: Alright, Good night.

Musa: (Deep in thought) I hope I won’t incur curse upon myself if I leave this man’s house? But when will I not live? But if I leave, he won’t give me his three (3) plot of  land to farm on again and get the little profit I make after selling the farm produce! How will I survive without him? If I continue living with him, I will see more problems and my mum may likely be affected. If I leave, I will struggle to survive. If I stay, I may end up not achieving anything. Moreover, this man has no plans for me again and he has given me ultimatum to leave his house. Sighs!  I am completely confused! But I just have to take a step!

It takes a lot of courage and determination to turn your back against fears and take a step. Trust me, it will involve lots of risk especially when the nearest future is so bleak.

If you don’t take a step, you will remain stagnant. Remember, stagnant water stinks while a flowing water harbors life.

Just take that step!


Written by
Akinyemi Joshua Oladapo
Guest Author