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15 People Who Found Success Despite Seemingly Impossible Circumstances

These stories will make you leap out of your chair with hope. They will set your passion aflame again!



A detailed and easily disgestive fear burster

35 Inspirational Words To Launch You Into A Better New Year

There is no better way to prepare for a great year ahead than to inspire y0ur spirit and educate your mind. By doing this you are providing for yourself enough resources to unlock the best of the year. I personally encourage you to download these pictures. Use them as DPs, share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. Just keep them close enough to your eyes so your heart could believe them until they become sources of inspiration for your life.

The Difference Between

Understanding the difference between the following words can set a man apart from a boy. It can create a Mark Zuckerberg from high school, convert an addict into a preacher and build an enslaved outlaw into a King. The following comparisons explain why only a few people stand out from over 7 billion others in the world. Such people have found the following answers, so I would advise you to take a seat also because you are about to start making better choices.

5 Ways to Control What You Complain About

What does a child do when you take away his favorite toy? He cries. What does an adult do when life hits him hard? He complains. Here is how to change your natural complains to control

How to stay highly inspired no matter what comes at you

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire, learn how to keep it burning..


Many of us can't remember how phones used to look like with T9 keypads that had to be punched continuously before words can be typed this is because mobile efficiency and aesthetics has changed over the years appreciably and almost... Continue Reading →

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