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The Victory Strategy of Zlatan Ibrahimović

I came to win and I'm winning so I just have to keep going because the more I win, the more satisfied I get, so that's me!”….. Says Zlatan!


Take A Step

(Musa, a fresh graduate, still in search of a job, is found talking with his friends about his terrible issues of oppression and abuse by his father.)  Musa: I am tired of everything especially the frustration from my father. I... Continue Reading →

I Am Now Free

You, I treasured and valued,  Me, you tortured and abused, For your love,I laboured dawn to dawn,Only to earn a life,I couldn't spend. You drained meDrop by drop,Till I was full of you,Flowing in my veins,You ruled me with reins,A... Continue Reading →

4 Ethical Principles To Stay Ahead

Challenges are everywhere and at every point in human history but how we respond to them is what makes the difference.

The Face of Karma

My brother's terror had only just begun the moment my father referred him to me. Paper on hand, his face a confused mask of apprehension and utter agony with a note instructing me to take a thoughtful look at his... Continue Reading →

15 People Who Found Success Despite Seemingly Impossible Circumstances

These stories will make you leap out of your chair with hope. They will set your passion aflame again!

3 Interesting Short Stories To Help You Face Life Better.

INTEGRITY HAS HIGH INFLUENCE VALUE R. C. Sproul, in his book Objections Answered, tells about a young Jewish boy who grew up in Germany many years ago. The lad had a profound sense of admiration for his father, who saw... Continue Reading →


A detailed and easily disgestive fear burster

Dear Unknown

I was there for nine months. I wondered what life would be for me. Still in her, I could hear the world. Some wished me well. Some wanted me dead. I got scared In my semi-life state, I got confused... Continue Reading →

35 Inspirational Words To Launch You Into A Better New Year

There is no better way to prepare for a great year ahead than to inspire y0ur spirit and educate your mind. By doing this you are providing for yourself enough resources to unlock the best of the year. I personally encourage you to download these pictures. Use them as DPs, share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. Just keep them close enough to your eyes so your heart could believe them until they become sources of inspiration for your life.

7 Remarkable Things You Should Learn From Animals

I once saw a beautiful video of an elephant birthing her young. She had been in labour for hours and was trumpeting in pains. A sack-like substance came out slowly from her like a balloon filled with air. Blood and water gushed out alongside as the 118Kg calf landed on the floor with a splash. She then kicked it with her hind leg, pulled the lifeless calf with her trunk and kicked it again. She nudged its trunk tightly until it was able to breathe for the first time using its mouth. As I stayed glued in amazement with my mouth wide opened. “Wow! How come she knew exactly what to do?” I asked myself. No need of a midwife, or a nurse, just an automated instinct of successful childbirth. Wait! what if... what if there are thousands of other animal species possessing a thousand successful ways of doing things? So I went searching and here is a collection these remarkable things you should learn from.

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