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The Face of Karma

My brother's terror had only just begun the moment my father referred him to me. Paper on hand, his face a confused mask of apprehension and utter agony with a note instructing me to take a thoughtful look at his... Continue Reading →


THE BLACK DOT (A Short Inspirational Story)

One day a professor entered his classroom, and asked his students to prepare for a surprise test. They all waited anxiously at their desk for the task to begin. The professor handed out the question papers with the text facing... Continue Reading →

15 People Who Found Success Despite Seemingly Impossible Circumstances

These stories will make you leap out of your chair with hope. They will set your passion aflame again!

​Maria’s New Hat (A Short Inspirational Story) 

Maria lived with her mother in a small apartment in NYC. She wasn’t too young or too old, not too short or too tall, not particularly beautiful nor ugly. She was just an average woman. She worked as a secretary at a large company, and her life was pretty much boring and mundane. No one at work paid any attention to her. Those that did considered her to be as boring as her life was. One morning, on her way to work, Maria saw a new hat shop that opened down the street. In a spur of curiosity she walked in!

We Were Never Friends But Lovers (A Poem)

Despite my fears, Disregarding all the facts I already knew, Against advice from folks under the same roof, I went out with him...

Tales of a Troubled Childhood

I couldn’t think straight. It was like the creatures were ready to strike me just like they did to Jonah. Wandering thoughts made my head heavy and my eyes swollen. I couldn’t figure it out if it was me or... Continue Reading →

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