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35 Inspirational Words To Launch You Into A Better New Year

There is no better way to prepare for a great year ahead than to inspire y0ur spirit and educate your mind. By doing this you are providing for yourself enough resources to unlock the best of the year. I personally encourage you to download these pictures. Use them as DPs, share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. Just keep them close enough to your eyes so your heart could believe them until they become sources of inspiration for your life.


7 Remarkable Things You Should Learn From Animals

I once saw a beautiful video of an elephant birthing her young. She had been in labour for hours and was trumpeting in pains. A sack-like substance came out slowly from her like a balloon filled with air. Blood and water gushed out alongside as the 118Kg calf landed on the floor with a splash. She then kicked it with her hind leg, pulled the lifeless calf with her trunk and kicked it again. She nudged its trunk tightly until it was able to breathe for the first time using its mouth. As I stayed glued in amazement with my mouth wide opened. “Wow! How come she knew exactly what to do?” I asked myself. No need of a midwife, or a nurse, just an automated instinct of successful childbirth. Wait! what if... what if there are thousands of other animal species possessing a thousand successful ways of doing things? So I went searching and here is a collection these remarkable things you should learn from.

​Maria’s New Hat (A Short Inspirational Story) 

Maria lived with her mother in a small apartment in NYC. She wasn’t too young or too old, not too short or too tall, not particularly beautiful nor ugly. She was just an average woman. She worked as a secretary at a large company, and her life was pretty much boring and mundane. No one at work paid any attention to her. Those that did considered her to be as boring as her life was. One morning, on her way to work, Maria saw a new hat shop that opened down the street. In a spur of curiosity she walked in!

We Were Never Friends But Lovers (A Poem)

Despite my fears, Disregarding all the facts I already knew, Against advice from folks under the same roof, I went out with him...


If you are into any business, building any talent or sharpening any skill, there are several things that customers, talent scouts, producers and investors look for. In our generation of so many talented and empowered people, you will need this knowledge to stand out and be sought after. The human physic has been programmed to respond to any person or product that applies the following principles. Read through and decide to apply each of them as much as you can. You will thank me later!

The Difference Between

Understanding the difference between the following words can set a man apart from a boy. It can create a Mark Zuckerberg from high school, convert an addict into a preacher and build an enslaved outlaw into a King. The following comparisons explain why only a few people stand out from over 7 billion others in the world. Such people have found the following answers, so I would advise you to take a seat also because you are about to start making better choices.

 These 10 African Proverbs will definitely make you laugh!

Scroll and read through. The meanings are very juicy and will feed your heart with enlightenment.

6 Practices to block Unwanted Things from Your Life

If you want to stop anything from occurring in your life, stop it from occurring in your time (Rev WARD) and here is how to do that

5 Ways to Control What You Complain About

What does a child do when you take away his favorite toy? He cries. What does an adult do when life hits him hard? He complains. Here is how to change your natural complains to control


Junk seems to be everywhere… I realized that life itself has tons of "junkiness" in it. Late night, when my tired body crawls into bed I realise that I have fed on more junks than an actual nourishing food all day. And whops! I worry my head so much on how it happened.

Tales of a Troubled Childhood

I couldn’t think straight. It was like the creatures were ready to strike me just like they did to Jonah. Wandering thoughts made my head heavy and my eyes swollen. I couldn’t figure it out if it was me or... Continue Reading →

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